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Meet Your Midwife

Meet Your Midwife

She’ll guide you through your pregnancy in Wareham, MA

Wareham Nurse Midwives P.C. is an independent nurse midwifery practice located in Wareham, MA. Louise Racine Bastarache CNM, MS, NP, a certified nurse midwife with over 25 years of experience, established this practice. We’re dedicated to caring for you during pregnancy and providing a nurturing, comfortable atmosphere while you’re giving birth. We deliver babies at Tobey Hospital in the Makepeace Center for Women and Families.

Reach out to us at 508-295-3088 to learn more about Louise Racine Bastarache and Wareham Nurse Midwives.

3 reasons to rely on us


  1. Make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood
  2. Participate in decision making for your birth and make your family part of the process
  3. Enjoy a comforting environment and birthing experience at the hospital
  4. Garaunteed breastfeeding support

Consult with Wareham Nurse Midwives about your reproductive health.